Friday, September 26, 2008

Can Flower Basket

Yeah i did this cute basket with coca can...

Just discard the top of the can...cut it into thick strips...fold them as shown in picture... arrange the aritifical flowers to them... Voila!!!! cute flower basket is ready...

Sending this also to: Can Art

Can Swamy Stand

Here comes quick n easy creative work...i did with coca can, just discard the top n cut the can into thick strips, just rolled twice n press with ur can serve them as per our wish...i transfered it as swamy stand...can also serve them as candle stand...

Am sending this Can art to: Can Art

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Glass Painting

I love paintings, am not that perfect, here for one of the sample....

Pebble Paperweight Drawing

Whenever we go to beach, we used to collect some stones, back to home i did some drawing with sketch pens r with daughter also loves to show some of her artistic works...

Crochet Pearl Handchain

I did this handchain with crochet needle n with white pearls for my daughter...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fimo Clay Jewels

Young gal kids will love fantasy jewels...Fimo, its a type of clay very easy to manipulate to any shapes, have to be baked in oven for less than 30 minutes at 230°F...after baking,cant be broken,colours will stay long, very colourful, can make urself jewels for our dress colours, can bring out our artistic thoughts. I learned this from one of my French friend..would like to share with u all. This clay wasnt much costly its just 1.95 euros here..can find it out in leisure shops...

Spider mat

Baby Scraf

Baby Scraf in crochet

Telephone Mat

Simply Superb Telephone mats..

Table Mats

Table Mats in crochet..