Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cute Flowers With Leftover Chocolate Wrapped Paper

While Xmas, we used to buy many sorts of chocolates for gifts, sometimes chocolate wrapped papers will be very cute n stiff to make some creative work with them, this time i tried flowers with those papers, even a small kid can do this cute flowers...

Just fold the paper as in picture and join two folded papers with a stapler pin in middle..just open the folded paper edges as flower petals n again join them with a stapler pin, thats it...u can decorate greeting cards r also ur poster y not ur photos with this flowers.. Creative na!!!!!!!

This is my entry for Shama's Kids Friendly Crafts Event ..

Monday, January 19, 2009

Foot Mat With Old Saree

I have seen foot mats with old sarees in a magazine n tried it out at home...its very easy n will take few hours to finish this mat, wat u need to do is just to cut the sarees as long strips, braid them as long thread, fold n turn in circular , stitch the ends of the mat...can use them for bathrooms, also as table mat etc...